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Welcome, this is the place to get behind the scenes stories and insights from the biggest stars from the NBA 2K League.

FEATURING: - Brendan Donohue (Managing Director, NBA2KLeague), Jamie "Dirk" Ruiz, Ronnie2K, Josiah Cohen, @DayFri_, Jonny2k, @iDevGoss, @BSmooveJ,@Quita, @ToXsiK_BANGS, @youFamousEnough, @Mootyy2K and more....

Episodes: 14- Video/Audio

Ronnie 2K (@Ronnie2K)

MNK (Melanie Nicholls-King) interviews the famous Ronnie 2K (@Ronnie2K). Listen to how Ronnie2k describes how the league has changed from season 1 to season 2. This dynamic interview gives you a good perspective on how the NBA 2K League has progressed. Don't miss it!

Warrior Gaming Squad (@WGS)

2KZN is proud to have MNK's interview with the entire Warrior Gaming Squad. MNK takes us though what it was like for the player after they return to the regular season from winning the Vegas Tournament "The Ticket". Race Cars, did someone in the interview say they had an amazing experience driving a race car... boy what happens in Vegas...

Dimez (@DatBoyDimez)

Featuring MNK from the 2KZN interviewing Dimez (@DatBoyDimez). Don't miss this great interview as we learn about how Dimez practices off season, how many hours a day he games for. Dimez also shares with us how it is that his team the Maves Gaming are doing so well in Season 2. You will enjoy this one!

Chiquita (@Quita)

Welcome in this segment we are featuring Chiquita (@Quita) who was the first woman ever to be drafted into the NBA2KLeague (@NBA2KLeague). She shares many things with us including: - The first thought that went through her mind when she heard her name called by Brendan Donohue (@2KLeagueMD) at the NBA2KLeague Draft. - What it was like sitting on the Draft floor for more than 3 rounds without being drafted and more

Alexander Reese (@BSmooveJ)

Featuring BSmoove. He shares many things with us including: - His thoughts on why the team struggled so much in Season 1 - What surprised him most about the NBA2K League in Season 1 - How he felt when he was told he would be retained by WGS for season 2 - How he spent his off-season - His thoughts on the Draft - His role on the team - Who was been the biggest influence in his life and much much more

@iDevGoss 2019 NBA 2K Draft Pick

Featuring DevGoss, the 13th overall pick in the season 2 draft, for a very spirited conversation that covers many areas: - How he got his start in esports and NBA2K - His Draft day experience - His first thought after hearing his name called by Brendan Donohue - How he and the rest of Hawks Talon Gaming are preparing for the Tip Off Tournament - DevGoss is a treat to listen to because his energy, enthusiasm and charisma are infectious. You will enjoy this one!

Brendan Donohue (@2KLeagueMD)

NBA 2K Draft 2019, red carpet interviews. The 2KZN (@the2kzone) was at the NBA 2K Draft.  Here are our red carpet interviews. Check out the interviews with Brendan Donohue (@2KLeagueMD), Ronnie 2K (@Ronnie2K), Chiquita (@chiquitae126), Sam Salyers (@Gradient), Kina (@KinaTTG) and more...

Melanie Nicholls-King

Please welcome our New York correspondent Melanie Nicholls-King (MNK). Melanie joins 2KZN with plenty of experience in front of the camera and will be attending the NBA2K games in New York. New York-based, Actress Melanie's career has exploded, holding television roles such as Cheryl on the critically acclaimed HBO drama, The Wire, as well as roles on Showtime’s Deacons for Defence, all three Law and Order’s, and Disney’s The Famous Jett Jackson. and so much more...

Jonny2k - @TheJonny2k

This episode features Jonny 2K: Podcaster turned Warrior Gaming Squad NBA 2K Consultant! This is the second visit to our show by @TheJonny2k! His first was as Co-Host of the 2K Syndicate Podcast and now he is the @WarriorsGaming NBA 2K Consultant, so he is able to give us perspective from both the media side and the @NBA2KLeague side. You will enjoy what he has to say about how he landed the Consultant role, and much more.

Jamie “Dirk” Ruiz (@Dirk_JDR)

Jamie “Dirk” Ruiz The 2KZN is excited to be joined by @NBA2KLeague caster Dirk (@Dirk_JDR) as they talk about a wide range of subjects including: • How he got involved in broadcasting and Esports • How he got the @NBA2KLeague caster gig • What it was really like being in studio every week during Season1 • Who he thinks was the MVP of trash talking in Season 1 • What song he would sing if he was on American Idol! • And more…

Ryan Conger (@DayFri_)

We are thrilled to being you our conversation with @DayFri_ from the @WizardsGaming. He is one of the most dynamic players from SZN 1 of the @NBA2KLeague! We talk about a wide range of topics including: • His reaction to being drafted by his home town team • What went wrong with @MavsGaming in SZN 1 • How he felt when he got the call that he had been traded • His experience repping @WizardsGaming in London, England • And more…

Josiah Cohen (@josiahcohen13)

We are thrilled to have Josiah Cohen (@josiahcohen13), lead writer for @DIMER2K, who is as plugged into the @NBA2KLeague as anyone! Join us as we discuss what surprised him most from SZN 1, his thoughts on the SZN 2 Combine, how many Draft Eligible players from SZN 1 he thinks will be drafted for SZN 2, his plans for a Mock Draft, and what song he would sing if he appeared on American Idol! You do not want to miss what he has to say folks!

Brandon Raudenbush (@ToXsiK_BANGS)

Bruce & Dave are very excited to bring you their latest interview with Cavs Legion (@CavsLegionGC) Professional @ToXsiK_BANGS (Brandon Raudenbush) of the @NBA2KLeague. Toxsik talks about: * How he got started in Esports; * An amazing story about what his parents did to help launch his esports career; * His reaction when the @NBA2KLeague was first announced; * What life was like as an NBA2K professional in Cleveland; * How he feels about not being retained by the @CavsLegionGC; * iBall Empire and what its all about; and, * what song would he sing if he was on American Idol; and, * Much more… Put your seatbelts on folks, this is a great interview!

Derric Franklin (@youFamousEnough)

Derric Franklin (@youFamousEnough), GM and Coach, Heat Check Gaming Bruce & Dave are very excited to welcome the GM and Coach for the @HeatCheckGaming as he talks about: What life was like growing up in Houston His time served in the US Army How he become one of the best known and most respected figures in the 2K community in such a short time How he became GM and Coach of Heat Check Gaming The inside story of what happened in the Heat Check Gaming war room on the first ever NBA2KLeague Draft day Season 1: what turned the Heat’s season around in Week 6, what surprised him most, and his biggest challenge. Where he sees the NBA2KLeague 5 years down the road

Mitchell Franklin (@Mootyy2K)

We are joined by @NBA2KLeague professional Mitchell Franklin, better known as @Mootyy2K. In this revealing interview, @Mootyy2K shares how he got involved in Esports and what he competed in before gaming will surprise you! Mootyy also takes us through the ups and downs of being drafted 4th overall by Kings Guard Gaming in Season 1, not being retained, then being picked up in the expansion draft by @LakersGaming.