NBA 2K League Spotlight

Listen to our weekly broadcast as we provide coverage of the NBA 2K League Regular Season.

FEATURING: - The 2KZN guys, Dave and Bruce.

Episodes: 9 - video/audio

NBA 2K League Spotlight 
(Expansion Draft)

On todays’ Spotlight episode Dave & Bruce review the most recent NBA 2K League Expansion Draft that was held in NY. Listen in and hear what the two expansion teams did with their picks and then how the flood gates opened for trades to erupt following the draft picks... Do not miss it!

NBA 2K League Spotlight (Finals)

An in-depth RECAP of the NBA2K League Finals and is there a new “Face of the League”? New FACT OR FICTION segment where Dave & Bruce present info and the other has to figure out if it’s fact or fiction. In STOCK UP/STOCK DOWN, Dave & Bruce discuss people or things about the NBA2KLeague who’s stock might be going up or down. Finally, in R U KIDDING ME? the guys discuss a very bold prediction from Ted Leonsis who says that NBA2Kleague players will be earning $35M a season in 10 years from now! This one is jam packed with amazing content! Do not miss it!

NBA 2K League Spotlight (Playoffs)

On todays’ Spotlight episode: · THE RECAP: we reviewed games from Week 12, the playoffs and previewed the teams in the finals. · BEST TWEETS: Dave & Bruce discuss the various controversial tweets from the previous week. · NAME GAME: The art of choosing a gamer name and how do we pronounce these names and what does an X or number mean?  THE WRAP UP: We spin the wheel to select show segments for the next episode.

NBA 2K League Spotlight Week 11

On todays’ episode: · THE RECAP: we reviewed games from Week 11 and previewed games in Week 12. · BREAKING NEWS: Dave & Bruce discuss the nominees for Season 2 MVP and also discuss some notable omissions. · HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: We selected 4 amazing clips from Week 10/11 that will blow your mind. · TRASH TALKER OF THE WEEK: We selected 4 of the best trash talking moments from Week 10/11. WRAP UP: We spin the wheel to select show segments for the next episode.

NBA 2K League Spotlight Week 10

Dave and Bruce take us through THE RECAP of key games/results from Week 10 of the @NBA2KLeague. They discuss BREAKING NEWS on the @NBA2KLeague's newest team from Charlotte (@HornetsVenomGT).  In the WISH LIST segment, the NBA2KLeague's Managing Director, Brendan Donohue (@2KLeagueMD), has called in sick and Dave & Bruce have somehow been put in charge of the League! They each share 3 things they would like to change if they were in charge. In the WRAP UP, they spin the wheel to select what the next episode's rotating segments will be!

The Sizzler Revisited

The 2KZN likes to go on location to shake things up and record some of the lates news from the NBA 2K League. In this episode Bruce & Dave return to the fair to record the sizzler revisited. When Dave is convinced to go back on the sizzler he soon remembers why last year things didn't go so well... "my ribs hurt and I can't breath" .You will enjoy this one!

NBA2K League 17 Teams

From a very frosty “mountain” (actually, just a big hill!), Bruce & Dave bring you a bone chilling update on the NBA2K League! The news is so HOT, that you might actually forget where they are! Uhhhh….no you won’t. Oh, and while they are doing this, they give some very exciting news about the new NBA2K League:   NBA2K League logo and 17 team logos released! They are cool! How will players be selected for the NBA2K League? B & D cover all steps of the process. How will Corporations get involved as sponsors of the NBA2K League?

Is NBA 2K far ahead of Others

Bruce & Dave come to you from a local establishment to deliver news about a new F1 Esports Champion and the challenges faced by EA Sports (Madden NFL & FIFA). You will want to listen because this episode starts off in a very surprising way! Bruce & Dave follow up their on location discussion with relevant updates: EA Madden NFL’s partnership with ESPN and Disney XD. Does it make sense? Why the NBA is way ahead of other conventional sports in the world Esports?   

Inaugural Episode (@the2kzone)

In this inaugural episode, Bruce & Dave are on location at a local fair and deliver the news about the Sports on Esports from a location that will take your breath away! You will you hear some very interesting Esports news along with a few things that you will not believe! Come along for the ride. You will enjoy this one!